24 Apr 2019

Green Lantern Animation

As I take a step back into the world of animation I couldn't help but be tempted to animate something I enjoyed personally. Being the comic book nerd that I am I animated the transformation of my favorite DC super hero: The Green Lantern. Using the traditional Disney animation style that has always held a warm place in my heart I added some effects and color and voila!

20 Apr 2019

Tinder Animated GIF

Moto Logo's have exploded into the scene of branding and marketing and I for one LOVE IT. It gives me a chance to dive back into my love of animation starting with this small animated advert for Tinder. Taking inspiration from an old animated series called "The Dating Guy" produced by Smiley Guy Studios.

13 Aug 2018

Cherry Kiss Advertisement

Cherry Kiss Soda Ad

This is a poster advertisement I put together, I was tasked by a long time designer friend and colleague of mine to put together a mock poster for a soda company. I took a illustrative direction with this, along with a sort of 1950's flavor. 

Where the Dogs Bark Movie Poster

I was commissioned by an author friend of mine to create a cover for his novel "Where the Dogs Bark". A horror themed novel telling of an ancient native tale of wild dogs foretelling immanent danger. I went with a digital painting encased in darkness, and leaving out the books title from the cover to give it a more daunting and mysterious feel. 

Once Upon A TeaTime Logo Design

This was a logo I designed that was intended to be the logo of a fictional tea shop in a short film. Once Upon A Teatime is a fairy-tale based tea shop where drinks and desserts are titled after famous fairy-tale stories. This is me drawing the line between simple and detailed, making sure the logo translates well as a logo for a real business if it were.  

28 Jul 2018

Eat the Robinsons - Animated Teaser

This is a teaser for an animated series I wanted to pitch years ago. Animation, character design, layout design, and audio editing was all done by myself. Its a short piece I did many years ago.
You can see the character designs and layout designs here:

Main Character Designs
Secondary Character Designs
Layout Designs - Drive-in interior and exterior
Layout Design - Goodwood valley outskirts

9 Jan 2017

Pencil illustrations

Putting pencil to paper is very therapeutic and as an artist I often return to the classic methods as a way to unwind and get a grip on my roots. Computers and tablets help me produce wonderful works but theres no feeling like pencil, paper and acrylics.